Chicken Update. Page 2

More chicken photos.

This is one of the Araucana chickens in the barn while I was cleaning.

Pearl White Leghorn in the coop.

Water - 1 cent
Food - $4
Heat Lamp - 30 cents
Clean floor - Priceless.

Although the eggs are fake, the wine condos are real. Warres top left, Dows top right, LaTour on left, LaFite in the middle and Mouton on the right.

Kris with the newly laid egg.

Silver Laced Wyandotte did not lay the white egg in front of her, but later laid a brown egg.

Silver Laced Wyandotte, with attitude.

Barred Rock posing for a photo.

Chickens roam free (on weekends). The rocks are one of their favorite spots.

Kris in the tack room getting some chicken feed.

That's it...

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