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 Last updated on:  August 10, 2002
2003 Leber-Doutre 5 year reunion.
By Neil Monnens
A beautiful day in Napa with 130+ relatives.
This site is updated periodically when I bring my digital camera to family events.

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Other News
Monnens.com gets makeover (in 2002)
By Neil Monnens
Six hours later and Presto! we have a new site. Sure, there are a few glitches (weird lines I can't get rid of), but I like it.

Dolores and Ken's 50th Wedding Annivesary
Posted 6/11/2002
Great food, wine, family and friends made the event special.

  2007 News

New York in May 2007
Posted 5/25/2007
Neil visits Brynn in New York.

New York in May 2007
Posted 5/25/2007
Neil at the James Beard Awards Ceremony.

  Chicken Update

Q3 2003 Update.
Posted 8/10/2003
Six updated shots.

Q2 2002 Update.
Posted 6/7/2002
Just a few updated shots.

New chicks arrive.
Posted 9/23/2001
After losing eight chickens to the dogs, I ordered more.

New coop-in-progress.
Posted 9/21/2001
Photos of our new Taj Mahal of chicken coops.

Q1 Chicken update.
Posted 1/15/20011
First Quarter 2001 Chicken update.

The chicks have arrived.
Posted 9/1/2000
New chicks arrive in Napa.
  Past Monnens News (not chicken related)

Our 2002 family cruise to Mexico.
Posted 7/3/2002
Catalina, Ensenada in four days.

Brynn graduates from high school.
Posted 6/11/2002
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is Brynns next stop in life.

Joyce and Neil Run 5-miles.
Posted 6/9/2002
Joyce and Neil take part in the 2002 "See Alice Run" benefitting Camp Okizu.

Erin's Europe 2001 Photos.
Posted 8/25/2001
Erin took some great pictures of our European Vacation.

Europe 2001.
Posted 8/14/2001
Our "Once in a lifetime" European Vacation.

Missy's new digital camera.
Posted 11/20/2000
Missy brought over her new digital camera to test it out.

President Clinton drives by our house.
Posted 11/3/2000
President Clinton looking for possible real-estate in our neighborhood.

Wine and more wine.
Posted 10/24/2000
Ken and I take on New York for the Wine Spectator California Wine Experience.

Parlez vous Franšais?
Posted 9/1/2000
Kris, Joyce, Dave, Graham and Neil's trip to France.

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